Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Secret Underground World.

On the way to the zoo on Sunday, Philipp, DK and I discovered a world I've never seen here in Stuttgart, a Graffiti Paradise. It was fantastic, so many colours, and of course I wanted to stay for hours and Photograph everything. There was unfortunately not enough time and I had two boys with me, who wanted to go to the zoo. I havn't had my camera in my hand for a while now and it felt good to be behind the lens again. I couldn't get enough.
This place we found was under a bridge crossing the Necker River, in Bad Cannstatt (the rough side of town) and was obviously a skater location.
Here are some of the better pictures I took:

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Short Visit

DK came to stay this last weekend, which was lovely because it looks like he won't be coming back to Germany in the near future and it was nice to see him before he disapears again. He wants to set up a farm back home in Australia and I'm pretty sure it'll be hard for him to take a holiday once he has started that! It was only a short visit but we managed to fit in a small trip to the zoo, well we didn't actually make it inside, we just walked through the park that surrounds the zoo and looked at the animals over the fence. No, we were not trying to save money, we just did't actually want to go in because it was the first really warm weekend of the year and EVERYBODY was at the zoo.

I would love to write more but I'm so tired, I nearly fell asleep at work today, so I'm going to hit the sack and get back onto here tomorrow!

Goodnight xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Oh Satchel Bag, where art thou..

So about two weeks ago, at least, I ordered a beautiful leather bag from Scaramanga, and it still hasn't arrived. I'm absolutely fuming about it because I could really use it right now, instead of slowly ruining my handbag with all the books I'm carrying around at the moment. Grrr. And it's not like I can write nasty emails to Scaramanga because I know it's not their fault, it's stupid Royal Mail and Parcel Force! Just so you understand why I'm so annoyed, here's a photo:

See what I mean? It's beautiful!! And I want it NOW!!! ;)

Monday, 7 March 2011

I Love Chocolate...

So I know Summer is still a long way off but it can't hurt to be prepared. I found these the other day and just Love them. What do you think? I know they are a bit 'retro', and they're white, but that's exactly why I like them.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I have big feet. Especially for a woman. It used to bug me so much because I could never find the right size, or I could find it but it would be too small anyway and hurt like hell when I put them on. Then as I got older I discovered that Skate shoes and Converse shoes usually fit me, and if they didn't I would just get mens sizes instead. And since then I have lived in Sport shoes with a few very rare exeptions. Then a while ago I found these:

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The other blog...

Hello Everyone,
I was just wanting to let those of you who don't know, that I have another blog which is more just about Photographs and things that I'm learning on my adventure towards becoming a Media Designer/Graphic Designer. Just in case you wanted to know...

But remember that right now it's ...under construction! The name may stay but only time will tell!

Friday, 25 February 2011


Partly as a celebration for getting the Apprenticeship place and partly just because I wanted to, I bought myself a new Filofax!!! It took me weeks to decide exactly which one I wanted, all I knew was which size I wanted and which colour... It had to be red, and 'Personal' size, at least I think thats what they call it. Anyway, I eventually found one and it is beautiful, although I wasn't sure in the beginning because it is kinda shiny but its such soft leather that in the end I couldn't resist it!

Isn't she beautiful???

Sunday, 20 February 2011


So I think its time to tell you a bit about my new job, or at least whats happened so far. In January I had an interview with a Graphic Design Company here in Stuttgart and at the beginning of Febuary they offered me a trial week. I was so nervous about it, I really thought I'd totally fail and not get taken on. I felt like the week was a test that there was no way I could pass. The first day was kinda awkward, but thats the same for every first day, I guess, whether it be school or a new job, but everyone was so nice to me and after half a day I felt happy enough. The week went really well,  at least from my side, I enjoyed doing the work they gave me and even though I felt stupid asking three times when I didn't understand, in the end it paid off and they all said great stuff about me to the Boss.
On Thursday I quite conveniently, and without realising it, when to meet Georgie for lunch, during which everyone at work had a good old chat about me!! And it seems they all liked me because after lunch the boss had a little talk to all of us and Welcomed me to the team! I nearly cried. Well ok, I did a little bit because I was so happy that finally I have found something, and something that I think I'm going to really enjoy too. What an adventure its going to be.... I'll keep you posted!

The Company is called Schwarz Gruppe by the way. And I'll be doing a three year Apprenticeship with them.

more from the Aussie Invasion..

Just a couple more Photos we took while Tom and Dani were here...
(All photos taken by one of us, not always quite sure who!)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

That time when the Aussies invaded

Last month Tom and Dani came to stay. This was a major excitment for me because when I went to Australia back in 2006, Tom and I used to sit out on the veranda for hours, drinking cocktails and beer, talking rubbish and generally procrastinating. Good Times. Good Times.
One of my favourite places to be, on the Veranda at Beenak Farm. Photo taken in 2006

Friday, 18 February 2011

A slight catch up...

So I know I was going to try harder to keep up with this blog, but of course I'm crap, so now here I am, trying to catch up everything in one day because I'm in bed with a Throat that feels like sandpaper. Ok well maybe I don't need to be in bed, but I refuse to leave the house today! Plus bed is seriously the best place to be!
So January was both very exciting and very busy all at the same time, Georgie's cousin was here and we all went down to Schluchsee, in the Black Forest to go Snowboarding for the weekend. I was very scared because I havn't stood on a board for about two years now, and even back then I was rubbish. However, it was a lot easier then I thought  it would be, and fun too! We also played a lot of games and ate Raclett in the evenings. The best part of it all, for me anyway, was Sunday because we made burgers that tasted yum and the weather was amazing! It was so sunny and because the balcony is sheltered we felt no wind, we could almost sunbath. It even said 24c on the thermometer.

Ready to ride the slopes!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A good start to (what's gonna be) a good New Year!

Hi, remember me?

I'm so sorry it's been such a long time since I wrote anything on this blog, I really am a slacker. I even tried to start a new blog to get myself back into blogging but after one post I decided to give up as I much prefer this blog and it's better anyway. So here I am again and I'm going to try very hard this time. Promise.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Dear Mummy,
Thank you so much for giving Dominion to Philipp.
Its bloody brilliant!


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas in Wonderland

Hello people of the world,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a not-too-messy New Year.
I had a lovely time, far too short and very stressful but it was well worth it. Philipp and I went to stay with my parents over Christmas, we only stayed one week because we wanted to be back in Germany for New Years Eve or Silvester, as the Germans call it. The most stressful thing about the entire holiday was getting there, we started off really badly with a two and a half hour delay in Baden Airport, then once we finally made it to London, we had to get a taxi all the way across town, which took an hour and surprisingly only cost us 40quid. We stayed at my friend Sarah's house, which was such a blessing, because we would have had to sleep at the airport otherwise - we can't afford Hotels!! We were only in London for a night and half a day but I have now decided that to go there is one of my New Year goals, oh and Paris.........

Excited to be on the London Underground. Photo by Philipp Linder