Monday, 7 March 2011

I Love Chocolate...

So I know Summer is still a long way off but it can't hurt to be prepared. I found these the other day and just Love them. What do you think? I know they are a bit 'retro', and they're white, but that's exactly why I like them.

And another good thing is that they didn't cost as much the other sunglasses I want....Ray Bans, which tend to start at like 100 Euros. Not in my price range. But at 17 euros, these were right in there!

Yes, they are called Chocolate, another reason why I love them! I mean, everyone knows that Chocolate is good, so these Sunnies must be good too!
Now all I need is Summer!!

Madi xxx


jan said...

You are too cool!!! Want me to being you coffee in your lunch break tmrw? We can sit in the sun? Xx

The Little Girl said...

er... I'm guessing this isn't Jan writing this! and yes I would love to have a coffee tomorrow! I would say around 1 ish?? or? ;)

Fashionography. said...

I love your sunglasses!