Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas in Wonderland

Hello people of the world,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a not-too-messy New Year.
I had a lovely time, far too short and very stressful but it was well worth it. Philipp and I went to stay with my parents over Christmas, we only stayed one week because we wanted to be back in Germany for New Years Eve or Silvester, as the Germans call it. The most stressful thing about the entire holiday was getting there, we started off really badly with a two and a half hour delay in Baden Airport, then once we finally made it to London, we had to get a taxi all the way across town, which took an hour and surprisingly only cost us 40quid. We stayed at my friend Sarah's house, which was such a blessing, because we would have had to sleep at the airport otherwise - we can't afford Hotels!! We were only in London for a night and half a day but I have now decided that to go there is one of my New Year goals, oh and Paris.........

Excited to be on the London Underground. Photo by Philipp Linder