Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Secret Underground World.

On the way to the zoo on Sunday, Philipp, DK and I discovered a world I've never seen here in Stuttgart, a Graffiti Paradise. It was fantastic, so many colours, and of course I wanted to stay for hours and Photograph everything. There was unfortunately not enough time and I had two boys with me, who wanted to go to the zoo. I havn't had my camera in my hand for a while now and it felt good to be behind the lens again. I couldn't get enough.
This place we found was under a bridge crossing the Necker River, in Bad Cannstatt (the rough side of town) and was obviously a skater location.
Here are some of the better pictures I took:

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Short Visit

DK came to stay this last weekend, which was lovely because it looks like he won't be coming back to Germany in the near future and it was nice to see him before he disapears again. He wants to set up a farm back home in Australia and I'm pretty sure it'll be hard for him to take a holiday once he has started that! It was only a short visit but we managed to fit in a small trip to the zoo, well we didn't actually make it inside, we just walked through the park that surrounds the zoo and looked at the animals over the fence. No, we were not trying to save money, we just did't actually want to go in because it was the first really warm weekend of the year and EVERYBODY was at the zoo.

I would love to write more but I'm so tired, I nearly fell asleep at work today, so I'm going to hit the sack and get back onto here tomorrow!

Goodnight xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Oh Satchel Bag, where art thou..

So about two weeks ago, at least, I ordered a beautiful leather bag from Scaramanga, and it still hasn't arrived. I'm absolutely fuming about it because I could really use it right now, instead of slowly ruining my handbag with all the books I'm carrying around at the moment. Grrr. And it's not like I can write nasty emails to Scaramanga because I know it's not their fault, it's stupid Royal Mail and Parcel Force! Just so you understand why I'm so annoyed, here's a photo:

See what I mean? It's beautiful!! And I want it NOW!!! ;)