Friday, 25 February 2011


Partly as a celebration for getting the Apprenticeship place and partly just because I wanted to, I bought myself a new Filofax!!! It took me weeks to decide exactly which one I wanted, all I knew was which size I wanted and which colour... It had to be red, and 'Personal' size, at least I think thats what they call it. Anyway, I eventually found one and it is beautiful, although I wasn't sure in the beginning because it is kinda shiny but its such soft leather that in the end I couldn't resist it!

Isn't she beautiful???

There's something so retro about Filofax.
I just love the stitching!
Have a great weekend everybody! We're off to Karlsruhe... I'll tell you all next week, if I don't get too busy with work. Eeeek I actually start working on Tuesday!!!! Now I'm getting nervous!

Hugs, Madi xxxx

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