Wednesday, 8 December 2010

3 Years old

I don't remember much from when I was three years old, I have only one memory that has stayed with me for the last 23 years. It was my Birthday and my Godfather gave me a Wicker Chair, just the right size for a three year old. I loved that Chair and I used it for years and years, even when I got far too big for it, I would still bring out the chair at Christmas and sit on it when we were gathered around the Christmas Tree.
Selma turns three today, my beautiful little niece. It seems like just Yesterday when she came home from the hospital with my sister, all tiny and fragile. And now she is running around, falling over, getting back up again and always smiling. Not so small and not so fragile anymore. Happy Birthday Selma.

Pop goes the Weasel...

We went to Karlsruhe last weekend, because there was a family gathering at Philipps Aunty and Uncles house. I've been so excited about this for a good few weeks because we were going to eat a Goose. To me it was like the real begining of Christmas and Advent, since at home, in Stuttgart, we havn't done any decorating or anything remotely Christmassy. It was such a great meal, absolutely delicious. We ate Red Cabbage with Chestnuts, mountains of Mash Potato and Goose in a Gravy-like Sauce. It was so good that I had two rather large helpings, and then when no one else could do it, I ate the last of the Mash with a helping of Goose and Sauce to top it off. I was so full, I felt like I was going to Pop! Seriously, it was painful. However, I gave it half an hour and I was able to eat some Fruit Salad too. Yum! There was also cake, of course. I have learnt that in this family, there is always time for cake, whatever the reason, (birthdays, festivals, holiday, Sunday, whatever) cake is always very welcome. Its fantastic because there's always different types of cake, at least three different sorts, so if you're not fond of this kind of cake, you can have a piece of the other one!

The whole afternoon was so lovely, everytime I go there I'm amazed at how comfortable I feel with them and how I feel like a part of their family. And that really means a lot to me, living this far from my own family can be tough and I miss them all the time but to be accepted in Philipps family is an amazing feeling.

Lots of Hugs to everyone xxx