Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Visit from Philipp

Philipp Schulze-Garg arrived last Wednesday and because I had to work in the evening, the boys (Philipp, Philipp and Jan) went off to play Poker at our friend Philipps place! you can imagine how confusing that would have been - three Philipps in one room!
On Thursday we decided to use up the last of the good weather and went off to the 'Rosenstein Park' and lay about on a blanket, eating, smoking Shisha and taking photos for hours. It was great and strangely enough I had that Summer feeling for the first time since winter, stupid really, since the Summer is nearly over but at least I felt it once this year. Then we continued the lazy day with a film in the evening. It was one of those awesome 'dont have to do anything' days, where its actually OK to laze around, usually those days are reserved for Sundays. Here are a few Photos from the park...