Friday, 18 February 2011

A slight catch up...

So I know I was going to try harder to keep up with this blog, but of course I'm crap, so now here I am, trying to catch up everything in one day because I'm in bed with a Throat that feels like sandpaper. Ok well maybe I don't need to be in bed, but I refuse to leave the house today! Plus bed is seriously the best place to be!
So January was both very exciting and very busy all at the same time, Georgie's cousin was here and we all went down to Schluchsee, in the Black Forest to go Snowboarding for the weekend. I was very scared because I havn't stood on a board for about two years now, and even back then I was rubbish. However, it was a lot easier then I thought  it would be, and fun too! We also played a lot of games and ate Raclett in the evenings. The best part of it all, for me anyway, was Sunday because we made burgers that tasted yum and the weather was amazing! It was so sunny and because the balcony is sheltered we felt no wind, we could almost sunbath. It even said 24c on the thermometer.

Ready to ride the slopes!

Enjoying the Sun on the Balcony. Photo taken by Greg.

Antje and Björn left for America in January. That was very sad, because they have lived above 'Soho' for at least 5 years and it was very strange to be at work without seeing at least one of them in an evening. They are hugely missed, but at the same time it must be such a great adventure to go on that for the most part I'm just jealous... haha. And I guess it's a fantastic excuse to go to The States. For those of you who don't know,
Soho is where I have been working for the last two years.

Antje, Björn, Jeanny, and Moi at A&B's farewell
A very exciting thing that happened in January was that finally I started getting somewhere with my studies/future, because as I'm sure many of you know, I didn't get accepted at University here when I applied in Summer and that really knocked my confidence in finding something else. But somehow, everything slowely started falling into place and towards the end of the month, I got an interview with a fantastic company here in Stuttgart and they offered me a trial week to see how I would fit in and if I was right for the job. I was so nervous about the Interview, mostly because I have never had a proper one and also because I really wanted the job. More on that later...

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