Saturday, 19 February 2011

That time when the Aussies invaded

Last month Tom and Dani came to stay. This was a major excitment for me because when I went to Australia back in 2006, Tom and I used to sit out on the veranda for hours, drinking cocktails and beer, talking rubbish and generally procrastinating. Good Times. Good Times.
One of my favourite places to be, on the Veranda at Beenak Farm. Photo taken in 2006

So when Tom told me he was coming to Europe with his girlfriend Dani, I was super excited. From the moment they arrived till the moment they left , it was all fun fun fun. We drank, we played games, we saw a few tourist things, we chatted, we never seemed to make it to bed before at least 4am and we had heaps of fun in doing so.
Very windy ontop of the TV Tower. Photo by Dani
Fun. Fun. Fun. Photo by Dani

In fact I felt a bit like a bad host because we didn't do anything touristic but then again, I don't think Stuttgart is a very touristic city. I mean, yeah you can go to the Mercedes Benz or Porsche Museums but thats only fun if you like cars. You can go to one of the many art galleries, but thats only fun if you like art. We did however, go to the TV Tower, which is the first TV tower to be built in the world, and when they built it they weren't even sure if it would stay up, so I guess thats a good tourist thing we did. We also went to an exhibition about 'Living with Paper', that was super cool, so another good tourist thing there! But by far the best thing we did was.... and get this.... we went to a big exhibition about RUDOLF STEINER!! (Dad, you must be so proud!) We went because out of Four of us, Three are Waldorf School Kids and the other one teaches in a Steiner School from time to time.

No need to tell more, the Photos will say enough!
It was so good seeing you two, come again soon!

Finding our way around the Museum... or trying to! Photo by P. Linder

One of the best exhibits, in my opinion! Photo by Me
A very amusing tram ride, with a random dude listening to our convo. Photo by  Tom C.

Being good Tourists. Photo by Tom C.

On a walk. Photo by Tom C.

Hugs, Madi xxx

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Georgie said...

What a gorgeous post!!! It was great to meet them and now you got me wanting to go to the Steiner museum!
Love xx