Sunday, 20 February 2011


So I think its time to tell you a bit about my new job, or at least whats happened so far. In January I had an interview with a Graphic Design Company here in Stuttgart and at the beginning of Febuary they offered me a trial week. I was so nervous about it, I really thought I'd totally fail and not get taken on. I felt like the week was a test that there was no way I could pass. The first day was kinda awkward, but thats the same for every first day, I guess, whether it be school or a new job, but everyone was so nice to me and after half a day I felt happy enough. The week went really well,  at least from my side, I enjoyed doing the work they gave me and even though I felt stupid asking three times when I didn't understand, in the end it paid off and they all said great stuff about me to the Boss.
On Thursday I quite conveniently, and without realising it, when to meet Georgie for lunch, during which everyone at work had a good old chat about me!! And it seems they all liked me because after lunch the boss had a little talk to all of us and Welcomed me to the team! I nearly cried. Well ok, I did a little bit because I was so happy that finally I have found something, and something that I think I'm going to really enjoy too. What an adventure its going to be.... I'll keep you posted!

The Company is called Schwarz Gruppe by the way. And I'll be doing a three year Apprenticeship with them.

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