Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Secret Underground World.

On the way to the zoo on Sunday, Philipp, DK and I discovered a world I've never seen here in Stuttgart, a Graffiti Paradise. It was fantastic, so many colours, and of course I wanted to stay for hours and Photograph everything. There was unfortunately not enough time and I had two boys with me, who wanted to go to the zoo. I havn't had my camera in my hand for a while now and it felt good to be behind the lens again. I couldn't get enough.
This place we found was under a bridge crossing the Necker River, in Bad Cannstatt (the rough side of town) and was obviously a skater location.
Here are some of the better pictures I took:

Hugs xx


Georgie said...

wow its so cool! take me there!
oh and I FINALLY updated my blog!

ina said...

wow, like the first and last pic a lot! the last one especially!