Sunday, 21 November 2010

VFB Stuttgart 0:1 FC Köln

I'm sure you're wondering what on earth the titel is about, and to cut a long description short: Football. I got invited to go and watch our local football team, VFB Stuttgart in the Mercedes Benz Arena and I thought.... Why not?? To be honest I wasn't that up for it this morning since I went to a party last night, and only ended up coming home in the very early hours of the morning! I'm also not a massive Football fan but it's not everyday one gets an opportunity like this and I'm very glad I went! Seriously, I had such a good time! I even had a beer and a Bratwurst in a Bun, like a real Stuttgarter!! I got right into it and sang along to loads of songs, shouted "STUTTGART" as loud as the next person, swore at the referee when he gave us too many yellow cards and it felt fantastic. I've always heard that its a much better experience to watch football live instead of only on the telly and I totally agree. Its so much better and something I'd deffinately recommend even if you arn't a fan!!
We had really good seats, way up high so we could see everything that was going on and at the same time not get trampled by the crazy fans who stand near the pitch! Although we had seats, we stood the entire game, everyone in our block was standing and the atmosphere was great.... untill the other team scored a goal. For me, the whole game was fun but I'm sure for a few out there it was kind of shitty because we played against FC Cologne and they are further down the table then we are, but somehow they still beat us! Funny thing is that, even though I'm not a footy fan, I felt as down as the rest of them when the final whistle blew! Unfortunately, I couldnt take my camera with me because one isn't allowed to, but next time I'll take a throw away camera with me, then I show you all what it's like! I took a couple on my Phone but as expected, they are crap!
Also, I wanted to thank the people who took me: Ute, Jens and Mike!!! And not forgetting Boris, who couldn't be there because he had to work, making it possible for me to go in his place....Thank you Boris!!!

Go Stuttgart, GO!!


Georgie said...

Okay, so I want to join next time!!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds great!
i went to a basketball game today... you don't look for it, but when u go u love it! =)

although it was düsseldorf playing i found myself cheering...