Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Back in March, Philipp and I moved house, mainly because the old one was rotting away and our Land Lords were Idiots who couldn't see that it was super unhealthy to live in a flat that was slowly turning green. We had huge problems with them while moving out but we managed, thank goodness! We used to live on a big hill looking down into the valley of Stuttgart, it had a wonderful view but it was a bit tiring to walk home after a long shift in Soho (the bar where I work!) 
Anyway, we left the fresh air up on the hill and moved downtown, into the valley. We now live in Stuttgart West and as they say here 'Western ist am Bestern' (West is Best)! We live in a lovely area, kind of quiet, the flat is small but big enough for both of us, cool in Summer, Frickin' freezing in Winter, the shower takes 45 minutes to warm up, then only gives you 10 minutes of hot water, and is situated in the kitchen (apparently very normal for Stuttgart West). We have 2 and a half rooms, bedroom, living room and the half is a Dining room. Because we live in the 'Hinterhof' (back yard) we have houses on both sides, we have fantastic views; one the one side we see the balconies of house no. 81 and on the other side we see the back end of house no. whatever-it-is. Lovely! However, despite all the negatives of this flat, I love it, we have a kitchen (which we didn't have in the old flat) a massive fridge, the shops only 1 minute away, and we have good ones too.
We have:
  • An organic Super Market
  • A Normal one
  • The Best Bakery in all Stuttgart
  • Another bakery
  • A Fresh Veg shop
  • A Butchers shop (very good for me!)
  • About three Pharmacies
  • A Tea Shop
  • A Pizza Takeaway
  • A Sushi Takeaway
  • And a Petrol station
(just to name a few!!)

During the first few months, we lived in the (now) living room, because there was still a student living here, he was never there and I only saw him once, which was when he handed over the keys after moving his stuff out. The first month was Chaos!

Philipp trying to build the bed in the dump yard that would become our temporary bedroom/living room.

Literally every room in the house (apart from our flatmates) was filled to bursting, I never thought that we could have collected so much stuff in the year and a half we'd lived in the old flat, but yeah, it was a LOT!!

Even the Kitchen was unreachable!!

It took ages in get into some sort of order, in fact even now (5 Months later) its only just coming together! We finally bought a table for the dining room, and managed to clear out all the stuff that was slowly but surely collecting there. Its often still a mess but that's just the way I am and anyone who knows me shouldn't expect anything else, but once in a while I get all motivated and tidy everything up! And then it looks goooood!!

We also painted everything, because as you can see from the kitchen, the colours were awful. The Kitchen was a Purple, the living room was a dark red that somehow only made the room look smaller, and the bedroom..... Wow!! It was painted ALL OVER, (and I mean all over, even the ceiling was painted) in a weird yellow, like as if someone had been smoking in there for years with the window closed. We named it Nicotine Yellow! eeeuw!

Anyway, now you have seen how it looked before and next time I'll show you what it looks like now!

Happy Wednesday Everyone xxx

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