Sunday, 22 August 2010

Africa Festival

Recently I've been seeing all these posters for an African Festival in Stuttgart West. I was really excited about it because the poster promised a Drumming band and African food and I thought it might be a good opportunity to go and take some interesting pictures. Philipp even stopped studying for a couple of hours to come with me! However when we finally found the 'Festival', it was literally about 15 people sitting at a garden table. The African food was just a grill with some steaks on it and the Drumming Band the poster promised, was.... (and get this).... A Stereo!!!! I was so disappointed, and a bit pissed off!! As you can probably tell from the photo below!!!
The main problem was that last year there was another African Festival, down in Stuttgart South and it was fantastic! The food was amazing and in the evening you could hear the music all the way up to our house on the hill! There was also loads and loads of stalls selling everything from wooden Jewelry to wicker laundry baskets. It was great, and unfortunately I had hoped this one would be similar, if on a smaller scale! What a disappointment!

Photo taken by Philipp Linder

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