Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Visit from Philipp

Philipp Schulze-Garg arrived last Wednesday and because I had to work in the evening, the boys (Philipp, Philipp and Jan) went off to play Poker at our friend Philipps place! you can imagine how confusing that would have been - three Philipps in one room!
On Thursday we decided to use up the last of the good weather and went off to the 'Rosenstein Park' and lay about on a blanket, eating, smoking Shisha and taking photos for hours. It was great and strangely enough I had that Summer feeling for the first time since winter, stupid really, since the Summer is nearly over but at least I felt it once this year. Then we continued the lazy day with a film in the evening. It was one of those awesome 'dont have to do anything' days, where its actually OK to laze around, usually those days are reserved for Sundays. Here are a few Photos from the park...

 Eating our Picnic 
The Boys enjoying the calm, and taking all the blanket space!! 
Mmmmm Haribo
Shisha time, every time
The Rosenstein Park is such a big beautiful park, with so many trees, you can always find a spot to 'park' your magic carpet and not be disturbed. I love it there.

On Saturday we took a day trip to Strasbourg, and wandered around the city. It is beautiful, old and almost falling down but it has such character. We ate Flammkuchen in a small restaurant, where it took ages for them to serve us and when they did luckily the waiter spoke English to us, or we'd have been buggered! I felt totally lost and I guess that was how I felt when I first moved to Germany, but its so long ago that I've forgotten what it felt like.
We also went inside the Cathedral, which was so beautiful, amazing high ceilings, loads of stained glass windows and statues everywhere. The only problem there was that there was so many people in the building, which made it hard to take photos because there was always someone walking through the shot. Grrr!! But I think I got a few nice ones. Some photos from the day...

The Boys, checking out the map, to make sure we would find our way back to the car.
Having (well, waiting for...) a lunch of 'Flammkuchen' and 'Radler' (I'm guessing in English that would be 'French Pizza' and Shandy), anyway, it was delicious!
(Photo taken by Philipp Linder)
The Cathedral. It was so Massive, and this photo is the best way to show you how small we all felt standing next to it! It must have taken decades to build, especially all the fine detail.
(Photo taken by Philipp Linder)
Madeleine Street. Madeleine included.

Actually I haven't really told you even half of what we did because that would take me all day, and would probably be annoying to scroll down the whole time, so I'll add some more stuff on Philipps visit tomorrow.

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