Monday, 29 November 2010


I always dread Winter. I'm not a person who likes to be cold, in fact, I hate it!! Now imagine having a boyfriend who loves Winter. Philipp is a real Winter person, he loves snowboarding, he loves the first snow to fall, he loves to be outside in Winter, he loves everything about it and he keeps trying to make me love it too! I'm not saying I hate Winter, I'm just not fond of it. I mean sure, I love Snow, the way it sounds when you walk over it, the crisp freshness of the air and a good snowball fight, but I hate being cold!!! I love Summer, and being warm.
However, this year I have the perfect weapon. My Duffle Coat has finally arrived, after weeks of waiting for it to arrive, then having to send it back because it looked like a sack on me, then waiting for it to arrive, again! But now its finally here and I'm ready for Winter! And since today is the first day where we've had a real snowfall, its perfect!

My Wonderful Duffle Coat! Thank you Mummy, it's the best! (Photo Taken by Georgie Moore)

However, Stuttgart has only half the amount of snow they have back home. Here is a picture my Mum sent me:

Home, Sweet Home. (Photo taken by Paule Poole)
And Winter how it used to be in the good old days! (Photo stolen from Seonaidh Reid)
Now this is how I remember Winter. And yes, that is me on the right. (Photo taken by one of the Reids)
Hugs to everyone xxx


Georgie said...

and check out the photography skills of Paule - impressive!!

Tom C said...

Madi, you are one cool girlie. love the Blog. can't wait to catch up.

Madi said...

Thanks Tom, I found your travel blog this morning! great stuff! please keep writing it because lets be honest, you were crap with the other blog you started!!
So so looking forward to you coming to stay! xxx