Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Spontaneity that doesnt work!

You know when you want to be Spontaneous but stuff gets in the way, like money and work?? Well, it is such a bummer! Right now I could really use a holiday with a bit of Sand and Sun and no City! And my Godfather is sitting in Greece right now, so I would have had a place to stay but NO...... NO MONEY!!! Well not enough, considering that it would cost me over 600 euros just to get there and back for about three days. I might be rich in Love but definitely not in Money!! Oh well, I guess I'll have to start saving and maybe, just maybe in 5 years I'll have enough to visit him in Australia. Not so spontaneous but whatever.
So today, I guess I'll spontaneously jump on my bike and go for a ride! Because its working now! Yesterday I spent a tiny bit of my savings and went and bought new tyres and inner tubes. Now she rides like a dream!

Well, Happy Tuesday everyone! xxxx


Anonymous said...

i love this pic!!! keep enjoying! ***

Madi said...

And which pic would that be??? cos i dont see one lol!
but that you anyway!