Monday, 13 September 2010

Even more photos from Philipps visit...

In Strasbourg
Philipp and Jan praying in the Minster.

Jan asleep on the steps of the Minster.
The boys.

The (back of the ) boys.

The end of an awesome but long and hot day discovering Strasbourg!

BBQ in the back yard. Next to the bins!! Yuuuum.
Jan playing with Fire.

Mmmmmm Meat!!!

Phillo came too.

There was even Veggie stuff to eat!

All in all, a great visit from Philipp. We had heaps of fun and even though half of our group was missing we thought about you all the time.
Thanks for coming Philipp, maybe one day we'll make it to Canada to visit you! I'm already looking forward to it!


Paule said...

gosh it does not look the best place for a BQ but then i suppose that living in Botton we are rather spoilt for beauty

Madi said...

Haha, you're right mummy. But the worst thing was that the guy who lives above us had his window open and wasnt at home, so all the smoke went into his flat! we havn't heard anything yet so hopefully it was all gone by the time he got home!!
And despite the ugly surroundings, the meat tasted good and to me thats all that matters!