Monday, 12 July 2010

40 Degrees

I remember last summer in Stuttgart as being hot, but this weekend really took the biscuit! On Saturday, I had images of doing something productive with my day, like maybe going for a walk, cleaning the flat or even finishing off an important email. All of these things didn't really include much effort but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do anything. The reason being that today we had 40 degrees in the city. The only thing I managed to do was lie down and concentrate on not moving. To you people who live in hot countries that are often frequented by such temparatures, dont laugh at me.... remember that I'm English and at the most, we experience 30 degrees back home. I am suffering. Big time. On sunday we were at a family gathering in Karlsruhe, and it felt just the same, the only respite from the heat was to sit under a tree with my feet in a bucket of cold water. So to all of you who might be jealous that we are having such a hot summer, don't be, because it is unbearable at times!

Ok, this photo is not from Stuttgart but it's from Düsseldorf, a few hours North West of Stuttgart.


Emily said...

Well...some like it hot! Guess you are having "issues"! Loads of love, try not to sweat too much!

Madi said...

its awfull!! I'm dying!! it's really so yucky! but never mind, at least I can say we are having a Summer!